Best Preschool and Childcare in Houston (USA)

It is a time of Competitiveness. Every person wants to get ahead of the other. Everyone wants to be successful and famous. People are learning various courses like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, robotics, and many more to become incrementally successful and wealthy. Early education is the only solution to walk with the world with confidence and continuity.

“How one handles success or failure is determined by early childhood” – Harold Ramis

Are you living in Houston (USA)? Are you a working parent? Are you unable to maintain a balance between work and your child’s education and daily activities? Here is a list of the few best Preschool and Childcare situated in your city. These Preschools are licensed, safe, and providing quality education.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Houston (USA)

1. La Petite Academy

La Petite Academy offers education to children of age from six weeks- six years. It educates children and makes them string in maths, science, different languages, social learning, communication skills, and arts. This nursery school provides a social and educational base that prepares a child to be successful and creative in various ways in life. The classrooms of nursery school are structured spaciously to give a loving, friendly, and creative atmosphere to children for their growth, happiness, and health. It is the institute where children learn with fun and enjoyment, learn together, and discover various things in various ways.

It provides various courses for different ages children, as Infants, Toddlers, Early Preschoolers, Pre-k, Junior Kindergarten, Private Kindergarten, Before & After School, Summer camps, and Drop-in services.

  • Location- 1810 W.18th St, Houston, TX 77008
  • Contact- 866943,8312

2. Avalon Academy

Avalon Academy was established in 1987 and is situated in Houston (USA). This Preschool works on the theory of development and values and providing its facilities and resources for different ages children from six weeks- five years. Staff members and teachers are loving, warm, educated, and experienced. They took special care of children so they can spend their day with happiness, productivity, creativity, and positiveness. The school focuses on the social, physical, emotional development of children. It encourages students to be independent, successful, and good human beings. For the parental visit, they arrange tours from Monday – Friday (9:30 am-3:30 pm)

  • Location- 1616 Indiana St, Houston, TX 77006
  • Contact- 713.524.1174

3. Childtime Learning Center

Childtime Learning Center was founded in 1967 and is situated in Houston, TX, and runs by the director Abiola Alabi, who has the teaching experience since 2015. He is an education specialist and was teaching high school students some years before. The school is verified by Texas Childcare. They provide various programs like kindergarten ( for five years old children), School-age programs ( for children through age twelve), and also have transportation services. It is open for students of different ages from six weeks- twelve years.

Schedule- Mon-Fri- 6:00 AM- 6:30 PM

  • Location- 9110 Jones Road Houston, TX 77065
  • Contact- 888.330.3919

4. Becker Early Childhood Center

Becker Early Childhood Center was founded in 1989 with only 28 students and now more than two hundred students are enrolled every year in various programs from age fifteen months- five years. This place is a high-value and quality education institute. It has nurtured, friendly, and positive atmosphere, where children learn, develop and grow in different ways and built the foundation for emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth. It has a capacity of 242 students and has programs for infants, toddlers, Pre-Kindergarten students.

  • Location- 1500 SUNSET BLVD, Houston TX 77005
  • Contact- (713) 535-6400

5. Esperanza School

Esperanza School offers full and part-time programs for children from 6 weeks to 4 years old, and has various programs including-

  • Infant Programs– The classes for the infants are designed in a way to provide kids calm and nurturing atmosphere.
  • Toddler Program– In the toddler’s program, children learn to grow properly and explore and learn through the surrounding.
  • Kindergarten Program- The classes for kindergarten students are prepared in such a manner to build them strong and get ready for future difficulties and problems.

Teachers take care of children personally and professionally and encourage them to learn and grow.

  • Location- 1100 Roy St Houston, Texas 77007
  • Contact- (713) 868-3276

6. Montessori School of Downtown

Montessori School of Downtown started in 1980 as a small babysitting place owned by Rita and Hersh Kumar. They are immigrants from India. They struggled much in the early years of America and suffers much. Montessori School of Downtown is an educational institute and consultation place. It has 95 students studying here and pursuing education with love and passion, and there is one teacher with over nine students in this Preschool.

  • Location- 15625 SPACE CENTER BLVD HOUSTON, TX 77062
  • Contact- (281) 488- 7599

7. The Westview School

The Westview School was founded in 1981, by Jana Stewart in a small place in her home. Later got developed and expand with hundreds of students. The owner is loving, kind, and friendly with students studying in this nursery school. The school is well known for its specialized education and facilities in the people of Houston, TX with the facilities for the children of ages two- fifteen years. Westview school focuses on social skills, academics, and family values.

  • Location- 1900 Kersten Drive Houston, Texas 77043
  • Contact- (713) 973- 1900

Search deeply before enrolling your child in any Preschool and Childcare, as they are going to spend most of the time of day in that place.

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