Common Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional phrases are a group of words consisting of a preposition and the object of the preposition. They are commonly used in our daily communication. When we define the position of a particular object in a sentence, the object that is being focused on with the preposition together forms a phrase which is called a prepositional phrase. Identifying the preposition is easy but when you ask the children about the prepositional phrase in it, it might get a little confusing but why worry when we are here? This article has some designer flashcards with some prepositional phrases which will let your kiddos understand them easily! Every time the prepositional phrase has the preposition before the object but as you know exceptions are always there and that exception will be ‘of’. To understand better, read the article.


Easy-to-Learn Common Prepositional Phrases

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Common Prepositional Phrases - Book Cover

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Prepositional Phrase: At

Common Prepositional Phrase: At

  • At the outset
  • At one’s side
  • At a fraction of
  • At the double
  • At a discount
  • At a distance
  • At sight
  • At high speed
  • At one time

Prepositional Phrase: For

Common Prepositional Phrase: For

  • For certain
  • For life
  • For a reason
  • For a change
  • For experience
  • For fear of
  • For lack of
  • For good
  • For want of

Prepositional Phrase: In

Common Prepositional Phrase: In

  • In common
  • In competition for
  • In conclusion
  • In confidence
  • In confinement
  • In conjunction with
  • In connection with
  • In consequence of
  • In comparison with

Prepositional Phrase: Of

Common Prepositional Phrase: Of

  • Bilk out of
  • Compose of
  • Consist of
  • Convince of
  • Despair of
  • Disapprove of
  • Convict of
  • Cure of
  • Conceive of

Prepositional Phrase: On

Common Prepositional Phrase: On

  • On schedule
  • On the record
  • On oath
  • On pain of
  • On balance
  • On a journey
  • On a large scale
  • On a pension
  • On a regular basis

Prepositional Phrase: Out

Common Prepositional Phrase: Out

  • Out of work
  • Out of fashion
  • Out of print
  • Out of step
  • Out of breath
  • Out of context
  • Out of control
  • Out of curiosity
  • Out of doors

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