English Phrases and Meanings

Phrases are small groups of words that indicate a ‘saying’. The sentences do not have a visible meaning, but have a hidden meaning in them! Phrases help to make your sentences richer by giving clarification as a fact! This article has a book/flashcards of the common and popular phrases that you can teach your little one or can be a classroom teaching activity! These are so much fun and eye-catching that every kid will be fascinated to learn through them! The best part is you can print them out as they are free!


Learn English Phrases Vocabulary and Meanings

English Phrases and Meanings-Book Cover

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The Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree

The Apple never falls Far From tree-English Phrases

It means that a child always resembles someone from his/her family, and shares character traits with his/her parents.

Mum’s The Wordmum's the word-English Phrases

Used when you agree to keep something a secret, or when you ask someone not to tell anybody about something

Mark My Wordsmark my words-English Phrases

Used when you tell someone that something will certainly happen in the future, or when you warn someone about something

Long Story Shortlong Story short-English Phrases

To tell just the basic facts rather than giving the whole explanation for something

I’ve Been There

Used to say that you have experienced the same thing that someone else has experienced and you understand them very well

I’m DoneI'm done-English Phrases

I have finished doing something or using something

I Call DibsI call dibs-English Phrases

When someone uses this phrase, it means that they claim something or declare their right to have something before anyone else

Fire Awayfire Away-English Phrases

Used to tell someone that you are ready to answer their questions

Count Me Incount me in-English Phrases

Used if you want to say “Yes” when someone asks you to participate in some events

Come Againcome again-English Phrases

Used to ask someone to repeat something that you have not heard or understood

Can Get Your TongueCan get your tongue-phrases-English Phrases and meaning

Used when someone does not speak when you expect them to and you are annoyed because of that

Win-Winwin-win-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

A result that is beneficial for everyone who is involved in a situation

Ulterior MotiveUlterior motive-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

A hidden reason for doing something

To Leave Someone To Their Own Devices

To let someone make their own decisions about what to do

Teacher’s Petteacher's pet -Vocalbulary-English Phrases

A student in a class who is liked by the teacher and often disliked by other students

Supercilioussupercilious-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

Behaving towards other people as if you think you a better and smarter than they are

StashStash-Vocabulary-English Phrases

An amount of something that is kept secretly

Someone’s Strong Suit

Someone's strong suit-Vocabulary-English Phrases

A particular skill or character trait that a person has something that he/she is very good at

Sneak PeekSneak peek-Vocabulary-English Phrases

An opportunity to have a quick look at something before it is officially available

Out Of Lineout of line-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

Not appropriate or right, behaving in an unacceptable way

Per Seper se-Vocabulary-English Phrases

Used to say that something is being considered alone, not in relation to anything else

PushoverPushover-Vocabulary-English Phrases

A person who is easy to persuade or influence

RuseRuse-Vocabulary-English Phrases

A plan or trick someone uses to hide their true intentions

Leap DayLeap Day-Vocabulary- english phrases and meaning

February 29: the extra day added to the Gregorian calendar in a leap year

Laughing Stock

Laughing Stock-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

Someone or something that seems very silly/ridiculous to people

Knick-Knacksknick-knacks-Vocabulary-English Phrases

Small objects (souvenirs, toys, etc.) used to decorate a house

In-Storein store-Vocabulary-English Phrases

Used when something is going to happen to someone in the future, it is often planned by someone else

Keep Feeling/ Things Bottled Up

keep feeling-Vocabulary-English Phrases

To keep your feelings inside not allow yourself to show strong emotions

Hypocritehypocrite-Vocabulary-English Phrases

Someone who pretends to have certain beliefs or opinions but behaves in a way that shows that they are not sincere

High-MaintenanceHigh-maintenance-Vocabulary-English Phrases

When someone or something is very demanding, requiring a lot of attention, care, effort, money, time, etc.

ForteForte-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

Something that someone is very good at

FeistyFeisty-Vocabulary-English Phrases

Determined, not afraid of arguing with people

Drama QueenDrama queen-Vocabulary-English Phrases

Someone who gets too upset or angry over small problems

Doggy BagDoggy Bag-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

A small bag provided by a restaurant in which you can take home any food you have not finished

CreepyCreepy-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

Strange or unpleasant in a way that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable

Chickchick-Vocabulary-English Phrases

An attractive young woman

Bad Hair Daybad hair day-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

Used when someone doesn’t feel happy or relaxed, especially because their hair doesn’t look very good when someone’s having a rough day

At StakeAt stake-Vocalbulary-English Phrases

When something is very likely to be damaged or lost if you are not successful

A Damsel In Distress

A damsel in distress-Vocabulary-English Phrases

A young woman who is in trouble and needs a man’s help

To Grill Someone About Something

to grill someone About something-Slang-English Phrases

To ask someone a lot of intense questions for a long period of time.

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