General Full Forms List for Students

Short forms are always confusing and you must know the basic and general short forms with their full forms which are mostly used in communications and generally as well! This article has a list of the general full forms in the provided book of flashcards! These flashcards have an aesthetic design that definitely catches the eye of the reader! Through these kids will willingly learn the short forms and will show them off after they are pro at it! These are free printables as well so you can print them out and can have a fun quiz time through these, anytime anywhere!

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Learn General Full Forms List

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ATM-General Full Form List

ATM – Automated Teller Machine

DP-General Full Form List

DP – Display Picture

DVD-General Full Form ListDVD – Digital VersatileEAT-General Full Form ListEAT – Energy And TasteETC-General Full Form ListETC – Et CeteraGPRS-General Full Form ListGPRS – General Packet Radio ServiceGPS-General Full Form ListGPS – Global Positioning SystemLCD-General Full Form ListLCD – Liquid Crystal DisplayPDF-General Full Form ListPDF – Portable Document FormatUSB-General Full Form ListUSB – Universal Serial Bus

Wi-Fi-General Full Form ListWi-Fi – Wireless Fidelity

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