How do babies grow?

Before knowing how babies grow, let us know where they grow?

Babies grow in a particular organ in the woman’s body called the womb. The womb is also referred to as the uterus. Uterus is a female organ which has the ability to stretch as the baby grows. Babies are connected to their mother through placenta. Placenta is the connecting passage attached from the lateral wall of uterus to the mother. It helps in passing required nourishment and other essential growth factors to the baby and vice versa.


How do babies grow?

  • Babies are produced by the fusion of the male sperm and female egg, resulting in the production of the zygote.
  • The zygote formed undergoes rapid cell division and proliferation required for the formation and development of the embryo.
  • The growth of baby in womb is divided into three stages, first trimester, second trimester and third trimester.
  • The first trimester is about 0-13 weeks from the fertilization of egg. During this period, the baby in womb is called the embryo. The embryo changes to the fetus by the end of first trimester. In this period cells divide at a great speed for the formation of embryo. After about 6 weeks, the heartbeat can be felt as; the size of embryo will be like that of a rice grain. By the end of this trimester, important organs have been formed in the growing fetus.
  • The second trimester is about 13-26 weeks from fertilization. During this period, babies actually start their body functioning such as production of RBC’s in their spleen, urine formation, etc. Apart from functioning, babies hairs are formed; they get their fingerprints in this trimester as well.
  • The third trimester is about 27 weeks-40 weeks (the end of pregnancy) from fertilization. By the start of this period, the babies brain is mature enough to control/regulate their own body temperature without depending on the mother. Babies can also open and close their eyes by this time. At the end of this trimester, the baby is considered to be at full term as they can adapt to the outside environment at this stage.

Fun Facts:

  1. Just the way babies can open and close their eyes in womb, they can cry also in womb.
  2. During the organ damage of mother, fetal cell from the child can help to repair those organs by sending cells through placenta.
  3. Placenta can work as the immunity provider for the baby as well as the lungs for the baby.

Additional Questions:

  1. Describe in detail the reproductive system.
  2. What is the fallopian tube?
  3. Explain in detail about the growth of baby from embryo to fetus.

True or False:

  1. Babies grow in the lung cavity.
  2. The womb is an organ found in men.
  3. Uterus is a female reproductive organ.
  4. There is a total of three trimesters for the growth of the baby in the womb.
  5. Baby is known as a full term baby in the first trimester.
  6. Objective Quiz:
  1. ________ is the organ in which baby is present.
    1. Uterus.
    2. Urinary bladder.
    3. Kidney.
    4. Stomach.
  2. Uterus has the ability to _________ to help in providing the place for baby growth.
    1. Stretch.
    2. Retract.
    3. Pull.
    4. Push.
  3. First trimester is about _________.
    1. 0-13 weeks.
    2. 0-8weeks.
    3. 0-5 weeks.
    4. 0-7 weeks.
  4. During second trimester,
    1. Babies start their own functioning.
    2. Babies are still dependent on their mom for functioning.
    3. Nothing happens.
    4. None of the above.
  5. Third trimester is about _______.
    1. 27-40 weeks.
    2. 27-34 weeks.
    3. 27-66 weeks.
    4. 27-56 weeks.

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