How do our bones heal when they break?

How do our bones heal when they break

The healing process begins with the formation of a blood clot at the site of the break, which helps stop bleeding and stabilizes the area for the healing process to begin.



1. What forms around the break after the clot?

A) A protective shell
B) A callus made of cartilage and bone
C) A layer of skin
D) A membrane of muscle tissue

2. How do bones receive the necessary nutrients for healing?

A) Through the bloodstream
B) Via the nervous system
C) From surrounding muscle tissue
D) Directly from the air

3. What role does the immune system play in bone healing?

A) It creates new bone cells
B) It attacks the broken bone
C) It helps clean up dead and damaged cells
D) It has no role in bone healing

4. What is the final stage of bone healing?

A) Formation of a blood clot
B) Development of a callus
C) Remodeling of the bone
D) Initial inflammation


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