Identify Colors & Tracing Activity Printable Worksheets

Tracing the words can encourage the kids to improve some great writing skills, which can help them with other projects, such as reading, writing, and studying. It also helps students to improve their intellectual abilities which can lead them to develop mathematics and English Language abilities. Other advantages of tracing include development in hand-eye coordination and other skills.

In this edition, we have brought some fascinating worksheets that can help the child to “Identify the colors and trace the given word”. Preschool kids can follow the rules in order to practice the abilities they need to trace, including how to hold a pencil or a pen.

Color Identification and Tracing Practice Worksheets

The first worksheet asks the kid to trace the color of the fruit given below. Tracing a word filled with lots of dots demands the children use their brain and also supports them to repeat the exercise. If the child does not have his proper grip with pencil or crayons yet, encourage them to do the exercise with color clay to develop these abilities. For children who are eager to start writing the different words, tracing the letters can be a great way to learn them and write them properly.

Identify Colors & Tracing Activity Printable Worksheets

The second worksheet is based on different Vegetables. Concentration and proper attention are required in order to develop tracing skills. As your kid uses his tiny fingers to move a pencil, he has to put his attention on what he’s doing. To follow with the work, he has to keep an eye on what reminds him to keep gripping his writing equipment and then moving on. That’s a lot of work for a kid, but it all works to improve his practical mindfulness and concentration.

Identify Colors & Tracing Activity Printable Worksheets

Your kid’s visual skills are also important as to sense what elements are around him, like how well does he recognize the figures given in the sheet. The third sheet deals with some body parts and the kid adventures with tracing, he’ll study how to compare the different items he’s looking at and learn how to trace the words.

Identify Colors & Tracing Activity Printable Worksheets

Through tracing, your kid will also learn how to create tendencies that he can apply to draw images on his own. Tracing curved lines, as given in the worksheet, will ultimately lead to him forming words of his own, and create fluency.

So, download these free printable worksheets now and make learning for kids fun. And do not let the kid get dull.

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