Informal Contractions

Informal contractions are the words that we shorten to speak up casually or informally, they further allow us to speak faster! You should definitely learn them to improve fluency in your speaking and communication! They are a  little like slang but not completely. But remember, they are informal so they cannot be used in writing or when you are having formal communication. Learn them to sound like a native American. Check out some easy informal contractions listed below!

Learn Informal Contractions

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Am Not-Informal Contractions

Am Not/Is Not/Are Not: Ain’tCome On-Informal Contractions

Come On: C’monI Don't Know-Informal Contractions

I Don’t Know: DunnoDo You?-Informal Contractions

Do You?: D’you?Going To-Informal Contractions

Going To: Gonna

Have Got To-Informal Contractions

Have Got To: GottaHave To-Informal Contractions

Have To: HaftaI'm Going To-Informal Contractions

I’m Going To: I’mmaLot Of-Informal Contractions

Lot Of: LottaMight Have-Informal Contractions

Might Have: MightaMust Have-Informal Contractions

Must Have: MustaOut Of-Informal Contractions

Out Of: OuttaSome More - Informal Contractions

Some More: S’more

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