Informal Contractions in English

Gimme-Informal Contractions In English

Do you know? Informal contractions make you speak faster and even more fluently! This article has a list of some common informal contractions that will serve the purpose! You will be given a book of flashcards on these informal contractions which will define some words that can be contracted and with an example of sentences including both the words i.e. the normal one and the contracted one. You will hence understand the difference in your speed in saying both sentences and they kind of sound cool! But keep in mind, these are informal so you cannot use them for formal communication and writing as well.

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Informal Contractions in English

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Gimme - Informal Contractions In English

Gimme (give + me)


Can you gimme a glass of water, please? = Can you give me a glass of water, please?

Gonna - Informal Contractions In English

Gonna (Going + to)


I am gonna talk to her. = I am going to talk to her.

gotta-Informal Contractions In English

Gotta (got + to)


I’ve gotta go. = I have got to go.

Hafta-Informal Contractions In English

Hafta (have + to)


I hafta do it. = I have to do it.

I'mma -Informal Contractions In English

I’mma (I am + going + to)


I’mma talk to him. = I am going to talk to him.

Kinda-Informal Contractions In English

Kinda (kind + of)


Your new friend is kinda of weird. = Your new friend is kind of weird.

Lemme-Informal Contractions In English

Lemme (Let + me)


Lemme finish my work. = Let me finish my work.

Outta-Informal Contractions In English

Outta (out + of)


Get outta here! = Get out of here!

Wanna-Informal Contractions In English

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