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Learning opposite words is a child’s first look into the antonyms and it is very important for their growth in reading and understanding words. But the difficulty occurs when it comes to developing an interest in children studying. But with good study material, this problem can be easily solved.

We are here with a very amazing study material consisting of multiple opposite words along with beautiful pictures which will help them to understand the concepts more clearly and effectively. The vibrant colors of this study material are so attractive that they can draw any child’s attention easily. Learning becomes more strong when children start taking interest in the topics.

This printable study material is one of the most affordable and easy sources to make your child’s learning way more fun and interesting. In this booklet, all those words are covered that a child should definitely know about as it will help them build strong knowledge which results in better academic performance.


Learn Opposite Words


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Daughter & Son

Opposite Word 1

Small & Big

Opposite Word 2

Short & Tall

Opposite Word 3

High & Low

Opposite Word 4

Day & Night

Opposite Word 5

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Front & Back

Opposite Word 6

Straight & Curly

Opposite Word 7

Fast & Slow

Opposite Word  8

Happy & Sad

Opposite Word 9

Young & Old

Opposite Word 10

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Laugh & Cry

Opposite Word 11

Full & Empty

Opposite Word 12

Dirty & Clean

Opposite Word 13

Sharp & Blunt

Opposite Word 14

Quiet & Noisy

Opposite Word 15

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Heavy & Light

Opposite Word 16

Dry & Wet

Opposite Word 17

Thin & Fat

Opposite Word 18

Inside & Outside

Opposite Word 19

Boy & Girl

Opposite Word 20

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Untidy & Tidy

Opposite Word 21

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