Music Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

Music Words Practice Worksheets for Kindergarten

This free printable music word practice worksheet is easily accessible and enriches the musical vocabulary of a child through matching activities. Get it printed out and start the musical journey of your kindergarten kid.

The printable music word practice worksheet comprises musical instruments and their names for the learning of the artistic field in kindergarten kids. Music is the rhythm of life. It is present in nature in such a beautifully musical way that we are many times ignorant of it. Music activates the brain cells and helps in releasing happy hormones.

That is why music is called the therapy of the soul. Other than nature’s music, we humans have also learned the technique of the creation of music through musical instruments. The knowledge of such instruments is necessary so it is taught to children.


What does this worksheet include?

This free printable music word practice worksheet is divided into three different sheets and each of them demands the kid to learn the spelling of the musical instruments and recognize their picture and understand the shape of the instruments.

You’ll learn:

The following free printable music word practice worksheets help in increasing the mental strength of a child. It makes a child’s remembering power strong and increases his speed of learning. These worksheets are a great helper in developing a child’s vocabulary by adding new words to his mind. It leads to the development of your kindergarten kid’s vocabulary as he will get to learn about the musical instrument names such as drum, tuba, guitar, trumpet, piano, etc.

The first worksheet consists of match the following activity where the kid is supposed to match the correct names with correct music instruments which are jumbled up which helps in improving the decision-making power and improving the eye-hand coordination of a child. It also contributes to sharpening the memory of a kindergarten-going kid and developing his musical vocabulary.

Instruction to use this worksheet

This is a printable music word practice worksheet and it can be used in a very effective and efficient manner by making the kindergarten children practice it. The lesson of the musical instrument shall be taught to them and then make them practice these worksheets for better results. You can also introduce them to the mentioned instruments in reality which will make it easy for kindergarten kids to remember what they’ve read.

This worksheet can be made a very useful support system for the sharpening of a kindergarten child’s skill and help the encouragement of the growth of the musical vocabulary and artistic side of a child.

Music word practice worksheets For Kindergarten

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Music word practice worksheet number 1

Music word practice worksheet number 2

Music word practice worksheet number 3

Do you know how to play any of these musical instruments and what type of music you like? Drop it in our comment section.

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