Normal Vs Native English

You can identify if the person is a native of England or not! Seriously, I’m not joking! In this article, we have a book of flashcards that includes some common ways to speak of a native or not! You will be given the common sentences in both normal English and native English to understand the difference. In this way, you can also learn to speak like a native! How cool, right?! Well, to make your learning even more interesting, we have given some unique designs on the flashcards to make them look more attractive and fun! Have a fun learning blast, learning through them! You can even print them out to take them anywhere you want!


Some Normal vs. Native English Ways to Speak

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Normal Vs Native English

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Decide-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

You have to decide.

Native English 

Make up your mind.

Easy-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

It’s easy.

Native English 

It’s a piece of cake.

Haven't seen-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

I haven’t seen you in ages.

Native English 

Long time no see!

Library-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

Go to the library.

Native English 

Hit the library.

listening-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

I’m listening to you.

Native English 

I’m all ears.

Meet-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

Let’s meet today.

Native English 

Let’s catch up today.

Mistake-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

I made a big mistake.

Native English 

I screwed up.

Understand-Normal Vs Native EnglishNormal English 

I don’t understand it.

Native English 

I don’t get it.Kidpid Free Printable Download

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