Tenses in English

Tenses are always a topic to worry about during exam time. Everyone finds them very confusing and difficult to learn. But, why worry when we are here? This article has flashcards on learning the tenses very easily! We have made a table of the tenses which differentiates each of the tenses and makes it very clear to understand and compare! The best part is, these are free so you can print them out as well and learn through them anytime and anywhere! You can also have a quiz using them to check your level of learning and understanding of tenses!


Simply Learn Tenses in English

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Tenses In English -Book Cover

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Tenses-Tenses In English

Past Tenses

Past Tenses-Tenses In English

Present Tenses

Present Tenses-Tenses In English

Future TenseFuture Tense-Tenses In Eglish

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