The myth of Cupid and Psyche

The love story of Eros and Psyche was a myth?

Psyche was the youngest beautiful daughter of a King. Everyone believed that she was a goddess in a human form. The Greeks even worshiped her which made her a spinster. All this made Venus irate and commanded Eros, the god of love who was the youngest son of Venus to use his power on Psyche to make her fall in love with a hideous beast.  But as Eros saw Psyche he fell in love and refused the command of Venus.

Eros was a very handsome man but he did not want Psyche to see him thinking his appearance might scare Psyche. He warned Psyche that if she values their love she will never look at him. Eros and Psyche were in deep love. But one day when Psyche’s sisters visited her palace, their evil minds convinced Psyche that her host was a monster. She decided to look at him that night, so she took a candle, knife, and snuck into the bedroom. As the light hit his face, she saw it was a cupid, being stunned she did not notice that the candle was dripping, but as the oil’s drop fell on the cupid, he woke up to see Psyche with the knife, he flew away which made Psyche resent her decision immediately.

As days passed, Pysche left the palace in search of her love Eros, she decided to seek help from Venus who was still envious so she said that she needed to be sure of Psyche being the appropriate one for her son. Therefore commanded 4 chores to prove Psyche’s love.

The first task was to sort the grains in one night’s time which was impossible. Eros being invisible saw this and took pity on her, so he spoke to the ants and helped her sort it out.

The second task was to collect wool from the golden sheep which belonged to the sun god. But she had to cross a deep river which almost drowned her. A divine reed helped her cross the river and even gave her the idea of collecting the wool, caught in the bushes.

The third task was to fill a vessel with black water that originated from the river Styx which was very dangerous. This time an eagle helped her.

The fourth task was to get a dose of beauty in a box from the queen of the dead, Gethsemani. Eros being invisible whispered the instructions to get inside the underworld. But on her way back successfully she opened the box with the curiosity which made her fell asleep. When Eros found her, he took her to Zeus and made her immortal, After which they bore a beautiful daughter and named her Pleasure.

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