Mother’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

As mother’s day approaches in the coming month let’s do something nice for our mothers everywhere. As kids there are very few things we can do. One of them is making something to gift them. Let us start with the simplest Mother’s day craft ideas.


Hand painting

There are many ways in which you can make use of your hands to make beautiful works. All you need to make this painting is a sheet of paper, paints and your hand.

One example is a tree. There are two ways of making a tree.

One: You can paint the bark of the tree with brown paint. Then take a plate and pour some colour in it. Then dip your hand in it so that your palm is covered with the paint. Then as in the above picture place you palm as the branches of the leaves. You can use both your hands and different colours or the same colour. Alternatively you can use a paint brush to paint your palm and then imprint it onto the paper in the form of branches. You can also make this tree into a family tree by making as many hand prints as the number of people in your family. You can write each of their names on ten hand print.

Two: Keep your hand almost up to your elbow flat on the sheet of paper and draw an outline around it.  Paint the shape with brown paint and this will be the bark of the tree as you can see in the second picture. Use your fingertips to put dots around the branches. You can use different shades of green or different colours to make your tree more colourful.

After your painting has dried up, you can write a message around the tree.

Heart-Shaped Flowers

This is a simple flower design inside which you can write a message for your Mother.

To make this flower you will need straw, tape, a pair of scissors, coloured paper, glue, paper clips and some glitter pens. You can make many such flowers and tie them with a ribbon and you can write small messages inside these beautiful flowers.

An Accordion Card

This too is a simple card that you can make. For this all you will need is paper and scissors and depending on the size that you wish your accordion card to be, you will need some glue.

Take a sheet of paper and cut it as big or small as you want your card breadth to be. Do not cut it into small pieces but only along the length. Fold the paper in the accordion-shape.

After you have folded the paper as shown in the picture, if you need your card to be longer, cut out another strip and fold it in a similar way. Stick one fold of it to the fold of the previous sheet to make your card longer.  Now on each flap you can either write a message or stick some pictures of you and your mom or of your family. You can use colours and sketch pens to decorate the card.

Hand- Shaped Card

This is something different from a normal folded card. Let’s see how to make it. In order to make a Hand shaped card, you will need some craft paper, a pair of scissors and some glitter and sketch pens.

Image Source

Take a thick sheet of paper, or craft paper of any colour of your choice. Fold it exactly in half. Keep your hand on the sheet of paper with your fingers facing the folded end. Do not keep the tip of your thumb and forefinger on the paper. Draw the outline of your palm on the sheet. Use the scissors to cut the paper along the outline. Then open the paper.

Your card will look like this. You can use sketch pens and glitter pens to decorate and write a message inside the card.

Image Source

Another way to make a hand shaped card is to fold the paper and place you palm on the paper with the bottom of your palm facing the folded end. Do not keep the end on your palm on the paper. Draw the outline and cut it.

Your card should look like this when you open it. You can then decorate it as you like.

And Finally…

The Envelope

To add the final touch to your painting or your card, let’s make an envelope without any glue or scissors or tape. Although, the paper needs to be in the shape of a square so you may need a pair of scissors. You can make the envelope with either a white sheet of paper or with a sheet of any other colour. Here is one way of making an envelope.

However this is not the only way to make an envelope. You can even make it with a rectangular piece of paper. All you need to do is try.

Remember: The size of the envelope must be bigger than your card or painting so that it fits inside the envelope.

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