Valentine’s Day Tracing Worksheets & Free Printables

Looking for free tracing printables  worksheets at this Valentine’s Day? Try these beautifully created tracing worksheets for kids to enjoy the day. Kids in kindergarten can practice writing words like Valentine, Love Letter, Chocolate, Teddy Bear among other similar words. So, let’s start with these free printables.

Valentine’s Day is a day where we show how much the people we love mean to us. It is famously celebrated on 14 February of every year. The day is celebrated by exchanging and gifting essence such as candies, flowers and more. Let’s dig in deeper and understand how the beautiful day actually comes to be.

The Lupercalia was later outlawed and was labeled as something that is ‘un-Christian’. This took place at the end of 5th century, the same time when 14th February was declared to be Valentine’s Day by Pope Gelasius. No sooner did the day was named Valentine’s day, it was officially connected with love.



There are many ways that you can use to help your kid celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  • You can sit with your kid and tell them the importance of the day and how it can be celebrated
    with people who are dear to them.
  • Instead of exchanging and gifting expensive stuff you can show the importance of giving
    kindness, time, and love to the people whom they love.
  • There are families who exchange handmade cards with their children on Valentine’s Day; you can do the same as it will help your kid to understand the depth of love and importance of family.

Valentine’s Day Tracing Worksheets


Love Letter

Drip Cake


Red Roses



Teddy Bear



Heart Ring

Coffee Latte

We hope you liked these tracing printable worksheets. Don’t stop here, try other amazing worksheets to practice what you learned in your school.

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