How do airplanes stay in the air?

How do airplanes stay in the air

Airplanes stay in the air due to the lift force created by their wings. As the airplane moves forward, air flows over and under the wings. The shape of the wings is designed so that air moves faster over the top of the wing and slower underneath. This difference in air pressure creates an upward force, known as lift, which counteracts the force of gravity and keeps the airplane in the air.



1. What part of the airplane helps to control its direction?

A. Engine
B. Tail
C. Cockpit
D. Wheels


2. Which of the following is NOT a force acting on an airplane?

A. Lift
B. Speed
C. Thrust
D. Drag


3. What does the engine of an airplane do?

A. Slows the airplane down
B. Creates lift
C. Provides thrust
D. Increases weight


4. How do wings help an airplane stay in the air?

A. By making the airplane heavier
B. By pushing air down
C. By pulling the airplane up
D. By keeping the airplane warm


5. What happens if an airplane goes too slow?

A. It can’t generate enough lift
B. It will go into space
C. It will become too heavy
D. It will turn invisible


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