Why do some things float and others sink?

Why do some things float and others sink

Some things float and others sink due to differences in density between the object and the fluid it is placed in. If an object is less dense than the fluid, it will float; if it is more dense, it will sink.



1. Why does a heavy ship made of steel float on water?

A) Because it is painted
B) Because of its shape
C) Because it is very big
D) Because steel is lighter than water


2. What is buoyancy?

A) The ability to sink
B) The force that makes things float
C) The color of water
D) A type of boat


3. Which of these will sink in water?

A) A balloon filled with air
B) A rubber duck
C) A rock
D) A piece of wood


4. What does it mean if something is denser than water?

A) It is softer than water
B) It will float on water
C) It will sink into the water
D) It can dissolve in water


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