What causes thunder and lightning?

What causes thunder and lightning

Thunder and lightning are caused by the rapid expansion and contraction of air surrounding a lightning bolt. When lightning strikes, it heats the air around it to temperatures up to five times hotter than the surface of the sun. This rapid heating causes the air to expand quickly, creating a shock wave that we hear as thunder.



1. What is the temperature of a lightning bolt?

A) Cooler than the sun
B) As hot as the sun
C) Five times hotter than the sun
D) Room temperature


2. What do we hear as thunder?

A) The sound of rain
B) The sound of the wind
C) The shock wave created by lightning
D) The sound of birds chirping


3. Which of the following is NOT caused by lightning?

A) Thunder
B) Hail
C) Wildfires
D) Power outages


4. What should you do during a thunderstorm?

A) Stay indoors
B) Stand under a tree
C) Go for a swim
D) Fly a kite


5. True or False: Lightning can strike the same place twice.

A) True
B) False



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