Why do some materials conduct electricity and others don’t?

Why do some materials conduct electricity and others don't

Some materials conduct electricity because they have free electrons or charge carriers that can move easily throughout the material when an electric field is applied. In contrast, non-conductive materials lack these free charge carriers, preventing the flow of electric current.



1. Why do metals conduct electricity?

A. Because they are shiny
B. Because they contain free electrons
C. Because they are hard
D. Because they are heavy


2. Which of the following materials is a good conductor of electricity?

A. Wood
B. Plastic
C. Copper
D. Glass


3. What is an insulator?

A. A material that can’t conduct electricity
B. A material that conducts electricity very well
C. A type of metal
D. A type of electricity


4. Which of the following is an example of an insulator?

A. Iron
B. Silver
C. Rubber
D. Gold


5. Why can’t electricity pass through an insulator easily?

A. Because it is too hot
B. Because it has free electrons
C. Because its electrons are tightly bound
D. Because it is too cold


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