Why Earth Revolve Around the Sun?

Why Earth Revolve Around the Sun?

Sun is the center of the solar system and all the planets are revolving around the Sun. Earth revolves around the Sun because of Sun’s gravitational force. The gravity of the Sun pulls the entire planet but planets can’t get collapse because all the planets are moving sideways. Earth is constantly revolving around the sun without stopping and Earth does not only revolve around the sun but also rotates around its own axis. 

The earth is always moving around the sun. Sun is the center of the solar system. The Earth and other planets are moving or orbiting or revolving around the Sun. We call it fixed orbit because it always remains the same.

Earth constantly revolves around the sun, it never stops we call this the earth’s revolution.

Earth takes about 365 days to complete one revolution around the sun and we call this time one year. Other planets have longer or shorter years like mercury completes one revolution around the sun within 88days but Neptune takes 60,000days to complete one revolution in this way revolution time varies with every other planet.

This is not it Earth does not only revolves around the sun but also rotates around its own axis. Earth completes its one rotation on its own axis in about every 24hours.  Did you ever know that the Earth is always in motion well if it’s that then why don’t we feel it, everything seems so perfect.  It feels like Earth is not moving at all.

That’s because everything on earth is moving with us. Earth’s rotation causes day and nights. Like when you drive a car, you sit there on your seat quite comfortably without moving at all but the reality is that you are moving because your car is moving and taking you at some other place, in the same way, the earth is moving and along with that we all are.

But we are still at that question –


Why Earth revolves around the Sun?

Earth revolves around the Sun because of Sun’s gravitational force. The Sun’s gravity pulls on the planet like the Earth’s gravity anything that is not held up or tied by some force. Heavier objects produce big gravitational force than lighter ones, so the heaviest in this whole universe or our solar system is Sun so its gravitational pull is the strongest. The gravity of the Sun keeps them in their orbit.

Now your question must be if it’s like that or the gravitational force is so strong then why doesn’t our Earth gets collapse into the Sun? Or you can say that if the Sun is pulling the planet then why don’t they just fall in and burn up?

When it comes to falling into the sun, let me tell you that the planets are moving sideways. This is the same thing when you attach a ball with the long string and swing it around; you are constantly pulling it toward your hand. It keeps swinging but never come close. In the same way, Sun pulls the planets in but the motion sideways keeps the planets swinging around. Without that sideways motion, it would fall into the center. As far as the sideways motion is there, the earth will orbit instead of crashing.

The gravity of the sun causes Earth to revolve around it nearly in a circle shape.

Some interesting facts

  • The earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down-
  • Once it was believed that the Earth is the center of the universe
  • Earth is the densest planet in the solar system.
  • Earth moves in two different ways one is rotation and other is the revolution.
  • Earth revolves around the sun and that makes different seasons like colourful spring, hot summer, chilled or cold and frosty winters, and the autumn.

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