Why We Haven’t Cured Cancer

Did you know 1/3-1/2 of Americans develop some form of cancer in their lifetime ? woefully plenty of drugs and treatments have been tested and they don’t seem to work.  Why?

The vexation is cancer may look similar on the outside, but each one develops differently in its own way and can originate in any type of tissue. So the cure hasn’t been found because it’s not a single disease.

The term cancer refers to copious conditions that have few similarities like uncontrolled cell division. Most cancer is caused by a different set of genetic mutations. Nucleotides a chemical base in our gene manufactures proteins and when mutations change those them that’s when things commence going wrong. So cancer comes from a mutation of 2 kinds of genes called oncogenes and tumor suppressors.

Oncogenes signal the cell to grow, spending their time dormant and it gets dangerous when one mutation in the gene is often enough to throw it into high gear, and it can’t be stopped. Some well-known oncogenes are RSA and MYC which are powerful growth genes showing up in cancers. RSA alters the shape of the protein and gets stuck in a position that sends a signal for the cell to grow. Tumors are formed when its new shape, other proteins that deactivate RSA protein without a target start growing and dividing the cell without pausing.

Tumor suppressors stop a cell from growing unless conditions are right. Every cell in our body has 2 copies of the tumor suppressor which is harder to put out of commission. It might be mutated on one chromosome to a point of not working then lose the chunk of DNA containing the copy.

One mutated gene isn’t enough to cause cancer. It really takes at least 5 or 6 genetic chances before a normal human cell become truly cancerous, so there can be 1000 combinations of mutations which is why a drug might now work since each tumor follows a different genetic path so Bowel resection it.

The best cancer therapy we had is to send in treatment so toxic it attacks all pronto, diving cells in the body called chemotherapy and radiation. Ionizing radiation, an energy that can ionize atoms works to tear DNA to shreds. But since it vandalizes the healthy DNA’s too, doctors aim it right at the tumor. Chemotherapy where it imitates one of the building blocks of DNA and the cells incorporate them into chromosomes also causes hair loss. Genome Sequencing, a new weapon that predicts the drug to be used based on mutations.

Stay sturdy, stay salubrios.

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