Basic English Conversation

If you want your kid to answer the basic questions in English fluently, then you are at the right place! This article includes a book of basic English conversations between two people who have met for the first time! Get your kids involved in learning through these pages/flashcards to have a fun learning time and increase their communication skills and will even develop confidence in them! These pages/flashcards have an eye-catching design over them which will lead your kid to engage in learning through these on their own!

Easy & Basic English Conversation

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Basic English Conversation-Book Cover

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Greetings Conversation

Girl: Hello! This is Jinal

Boy: Hi! I’m Raghav

How Are You? Conversation

Girl: How are you?

Boy: I’m fine, thanks.

Age Conversation

Girl: How old are you?

Boy: I’m 12 years old.

Work Conversation

Girl: What do you do?

Boy: I’m a student in 6th grade.

Father's Work Conversation

Girl: Where does your father work?

Boy: My father works at the hospital.

Favorite Food Coversation

Boy: Which is your favorite food?

Girl: I like all the fruits.

Sports Conversation

Girl: Which sport do you play?

Boy: I play Kabaddi, Hockey, Cricket, and Football.

Free Time Conversations

Girl: What do you like to do in your free time?

Boy: I’m interested in sports.

Subject Conversation

Boy: Which subject is your favorite subject?

Girl: I like almost all but my favorite is Drawing.

Conversation On Interests

Boy: what do you like to do?

Girl: I’m interested in drawing and sketching.

Mother's Occupation Conversations

Girl: What does your mother do?

Boy: My mother is a teacher.

Mother's Workplace Conversation

Girl: Where does she work?

Boy: She works at school.

Conversations About Siblings

Girl: Do you have any siblings?

Boy: Yes, I do have a younger sister.

Sister's Class Conversation

Girl: In which class, does your sister study?

Boy: My sister studies in the 3rd class.

Traveling Conversation

Boy: Do you like traveling?

Girl: Yes, I like to travel a lot.

Television Conversations

Boy: Do you watch television?

Girl: Yes, I like to watch Discovery.

Favorite Subject Conversations

Girl: Which subject is your favorite subject?

Boy: My favorite subject is maths.

Conversation About Watching Sports

Girl: Which sport do you like to watch?

Boy: I like to watch every sport.

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