Best Preschool and Childcare in City of London (London, England, UK)

Are you looking for a preschool for your child? Then here are some beat school which provide  high education to your children.

Preschool is something which helps the children to develop skills early on instead of learning them in school. It also gives them confidence for attending school. In preschool mist of the caregivers give extra attention to the kids unlike school, which might be the best reason to enroll your kid in a preschool.
Preschool not only helps kids in their confidence but also gives them a head start for school. They might be more comfortable in attending school after the nursery since they would have experienced some of it here.


Best Preschool and Childcare in City of London (London, England, UK)

1. Bright Horizons City Child Nursery and Preschool

The nursery provides education to the children of age group 3 – 5 years. They help in having a warm and welcoming transition from home to school. The nursery has been awarded a status ‘good’ by Ofsted. They have a lot of spacious room which helps in the children having their own space. They have a outdoor garden which helps the children stay connected with the nature. The conduct a lot of activities mostly outside where the children most love to play around. The staff have helps the child develop their strength and encourage learning and exploring new things.  They prepare the children for attending school and filling them with confidence. The staff keep a regular contact with parents about their child’s development and work as a team. They create a fun, vibrant environment for the kids to learn.

  • Location- 1 Bridgewater Square, Barbican, London EC2Y 8AH, United Kingdom.
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 3780 3026

2. Smithfield House Children’s Nursery

They offer education to children from 8weeks to 5 years. They are employed with compassionate and a highly educated staff where the care givers how to help the child when they are in need. The staff are high experienced and are aware of to satisfy the child. Parents are given frequent updates about the child’s development and work together with parents. They create a environment where all the kids can talk freely without any judgement.

They provide individual attention to all the kids and their development are personally looked after by the respective care takers. The resources are up to date and they are always keen on teaching new things to the children.  They have a very unique way of teaching, they make sure that every kid enjoys learning and are taught to explore new ways of learning. They give a solid foundation to the children under them.

  • Location- 14 W Smithfield, London EC1A 9HY, United Kingdom.
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 7236 1000

3. Little Angels Nursery

Here at Little Angels Nursery they provide a friendly and a feeling if home to everyone who enters it. The nursery welcomes all the children with the same enthusiasm and eagerness. The staff are highly educated and aware that different kid needs different level of attention and care. They work on developing the child’s confidence and also social, emotional intelligence. They teach different languages which might give a head start to them while joining school. They make sure they are comfortable in the structured setting, so that they don’t have to feel uncomfortable while attending school. The nursery is extremely flexible and accommodating and helps the parents when in need. They instill kindness and some firm morals and beliefs which helps in character development.

  • Location- St George’s Way, London SE15 6PL, United Kingdom.
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 7701 7971

4. Co-op Childcare Islington

The nursery has a spacious garden where children and thought many physical activities and let them explore on their own. They make sure to build the child’s confidence level by giving challenging activities. Smart sign is a activity conducted by the preschool where they make communication fun, so that they can learn to have a good communication skills for the future. The nursery teaches language, math and social skills through creative music and dance where they can express themselves clearly.

  • Location- 10 Galway St, London EC1V 3SW, United Kingdom.
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 7251 3475

5. LEYF – Noah’s Ark Nursery & Pre-School

They admit children from the age group of 0 years to 5 years. The highly qualified and experienced staff make sure that they create a warm and secure environment from the very first day. They conduct a lot of activities like science experiments, gardening, construction etc.They conduct varied activities which helps the children knowledgeable things in a fun and playful way. They teach the kids to have good communication skills and help them become good speakers in future. They teach the kids to tidy up the toys after playing and many more good morals, which they beleive is fundamental in a child’s foundation.

  • Location- Pelter St, Bethnal Green, London E2 7PE, United Kingdom.
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 7739 2317

6. UCL Day Nursery

They preschool provides education to children around 3 months to 6 years. The nursery mainly focuses on keeping the child happy and healthy environment as well as keeping them in a safe environment. The nursery believes in working in a partnership with parents and Ofsted and the caregivers. They beleive every child has different and unique skills and is encouraged to do and learn it. Holistic learning is something they believe helps the children learn easily especially during the young age. They beleive that a positive mind can create wonders and thus create a positive aura around the children which will help them develop the kids to the maximum of their potential.

  • Location- 51 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PQ, United Kingdom.
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 7679 7461

7. Bright Horizons Tabard Square Nursery and Preschool

They offer education to kids from 3 months to 5 years.They help the children to transition from home to school, with allowing the school type structure in the preschool. There is a park just nearby the preschool where they let them go and explore things and let them learn new different things. They provide a special programme which helps them become readers, writers and mathematician. They give every single child special attention they need and they let them gain knowledge and build confidence. They let the children let them explore motor skills which is important to build social-emotional and language.

  • Location- 10-12 Empire Square, Tabard St, London SE1 4NA, United Kingdom
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 3780 3013

8. Kido Nursery & Preschool Clerkenwell

The nursery thrives to provide a safe and inspiring environment. The curriculum is created by a special team to specialists who are all experienced and are well known to the field of teaching. They are very welcoming and are extremely caring. They constantly ask feedbacks from the parents so that they can improve everyday and provide the best education the children. The staff are highly invested in teaching of each child and focuses on each child’s development personally. They have a very creative ways of teaching the curriculum and bring in joy to the process of learning. They help with the transition of the kids from home and school.

  • Location- Clements Hall, 141 Central Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1V 8AP, United Kingdom.
  • Website-
  • Contact- +44 20 8053 0842

Few of the preschool which provide an outstanding education as well as instil good values inside them. Carefully select from the above given list as to which preschool might be perfect for your child.

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