Best Preschool and Childcare in Dubbo, NSW (Australia)

Are you looking for the best Preschools and Childcare in Dubbo NSW Australia? Are you worried about the safety and security of your children? Is your child all set to go to their school? Are you thinking about the bus facilities? Are you tensed about the environment present in the school?

Preschool and Childcare play a major role in the life of children. These phases will be the best foundation for their future. Here they learn about various aspects which will help them to build a successful career. Children will explore many things on their own. They will build confidence and commitment in them.

After reviewing many schools, we found a few of the best schools for your children. Choose the right school and keep your children in safe hands.


Best Preschool and Childcare in Dubbo, NSW (Australia)

1. Imagine Childcare and Preschool

Imagine Childcare and Preschool provides a warm and nurturing environment in the Daycare which will be the best foundation for the children. Childcare provides all the facilities to the children and makes them feel comfortable within the campus.

Nurturing and healthy meals are prepared and served every day. Transportation facilities are also provided by the Daycare. Outdoor games are conducted to make the children get involved in sports and other activities.

Classrooms have large whiteboards and also the best ambience in them. Children will get to learn through the hand based activities involved in the curriculum.

  • Location- 4R Wellington Rd, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia
  • Contact- +61 1300 001 154

2. Carlton House Childcare and Preschool

Carlton House Childcare and Preschool provides educational programs for children whose age is between 6 weeks to 5 years. The school strives to provide the best quality care for the children. Teachers are employed based on their specific interests to teach the children.
Enrichment programs are conducted to make sure that children will be developed wholly through every activity. The staff is very supportive of the children in developing their skills and talents.
Parents can get to know about their children daily activities through management. Children will get many chances to develop themselves socially and emotionally.
  • Location- 212 Darling St, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia
  • Contact- +61 2 6882 8004

3.  Dubbo Early Learning Centre

Dubbo Early Learning Centre aims to provide a safe and secure environment for children. The centre has created both outdoor and indoor play areas innovatively to make children participate in every aspect and fill enthusiasm in them.
Special home visit programs are implemented for the babies and kids who are new to the Daycare. The curriculum is set with many age-appropriate activities involved in it. Teachers look after every child with equal importance.
Children will be taught about phonics and also the core skills which will help them in their upcoming life. School readiness is also taught to the children by the teachers.
  • Location- 6 Blueridge Dr, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia
  • Contact- +61 2 6884 5566

4. Goodstart Early Learning Childcare Centre Dubbo

 Goodstart Early Learning Childcare Centre is one of the best childcare centres in Dubbo. They provide all the needs to the children. Teachers are employed based on their skills and talents. Children can learn everything through exploring things.
Summer camps, trips and excursions are conducted to develop creativity in the children. Every child will actively participate in all these activities and gain confidence and communication skills.
Teachers clarify every doubt to the children. Students will learn the importance of equality and unity. Bus facilities are also provided.
  • Location- 152 Baird Dr, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia
  • Contact- +61 1800 222 543

5. Little Learners KinderCare

Little Learners KinderCare provides admissions for children until 6 years. The school mainly aims to create the best childhood experience for the children. They believe that children learn so much through play.
The curriculum is prepared with play-based activities in it. These will develop many skills in the children. Teachers and kids maintain a good bond between them which will help the children to ask any doubt to the teacher comfortably.
Regular meetings are arranged with the parents to explain to them the progress of their children. Parents can also see their children activities through the app.
  • Location-480 Wheelers Ln, Dubbo NSW 2830, Australia
  • Contact- +61 2 6885 462

These are a few of the best Preschools and Childcare located near Dubbo NSW Australia.

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