Best Vocabulary Activities for Kids

Vocabulary is an important thing to learn. It is something  which helps in expanding our knowledge and provides us ways to learn. Who doesn’t want their kids to learn vocabulary. Surely everybody wants but how can we engage kids in learning more efficiently and how about making learning more fun. Yes, vocabulary activities there are so many ways by which we can make learning more fun.

The more the fun the more it will attract kids. How about knowing some of the best vocabulary activities for kids.


Vocabulary Activities for Kids

Pictorial Representation

The first activity that can be performed with kids to teach them vocabulary is through pictorial representation. Now, this is a very simple and fun activity give your kids a word or a anime of the thing and all  the kid have to do is drawing the image of that thing on a paper or small slate board if the he/she draws the image properly then he/she is surely a fine learner and through this we can teach them many different words.

This activity can be also performed with group of children or ay in class now for this the slightest change is that the picture drawn by the first kid will be guessed by any other student in the group or class. The picture drawn will make learning more fun . 

Fun with Squares

Next activity in the list is Draw and Learn this activity is so much fun to try all you have to do is make small squares on the board according to the number of student and now assign the squares to each student by writing their names on to of the squares and announce a particular word of a object ,or animal, or vegetables or any other thing. And calls out the student to draw that word  in their respective boxes, judge the picture and give a score accordingly. At the end the student who got the highest score will be declared as winner.

Now this is really fun and  spirit to become a winner will encourage them to learn better and will enhance their vocabulary. 

Passing the object

The next is passing the object now in this you have to make all the children sit in a circle then take any object say ball, or something or you can take any fake vegetable or fruit . Now after this all you have to do is start throwing the object in the direction of a student. The student will catch it and will say a word then he/she will pass it to another student and the same goes for the one who catches it but if by any chance he/she drops it or is not successful in catching then he/she is out of the game and the same will continue until there is a winner another game with competitive spirit and better learning experience.

this will also test the knowledge of the kids about how many words they know.

Pick the odd

Next goes in the list is identifying odd one out this will help in testing how much generally the kid knows in this we have write some words for example names of vegetable but among these names you have to write a odd name below given is an example of how to write

For example-  tomato , potato, car, broccoli, carrot

Now car here is not a vegetable the word car is odd one out This is the format and this is the game the kid who will answer will win.

Jumble  the words

Jumble words we all are familiar with doing and seeing it since classes. Easiest and most efficient activity to try with kids for this you need to choose some of the words of your own choice then arrange them without their spelling order one example is given down for you.

For example – I am choosing the word apple now apple is jumbled into ( l, a, p,e,p). 

Now all the kids have to do is re-arranging these jumbled words into a meaningful word that will test their spellings.


Another interesting activity which comes all the way is  teaching vocabulary with the help of flashcards. All you have to do is prepare flashcards with images of different objects drawn on it. And ask the children to get divided into four teams. Team A, B, C and D respectively. Now  the teacher will show flashcards and turn wise and ask the teams to answer the image drawn on the flashcard . The team who will answer the most flashcards will be announced as winner.

And to get kids engaged in it even more is by arranging some gift like toffee, or chocolates for the winners. We all know kids love these things and this will help them engage even more.

Run and collect

Now, this activity will require some time but surely you will not regret it. For this you need some baskets and papers. All you have to do is make small pieces of paper and on each piece write a word . But remember the  words should form some meaningful words when put together. Now ask the children to take one basket each and start collecting the words. If it takes place in the classroom then spread the pieces of paper on a table for this activity you can also take a mat and spread the pieces on it anyway which is possible then ask them to arrange the collected words in such a way that they make some meaningful words.

At the end the kid who will form more words will be the winner of the game and the winner can get an appreciation gift. Every kid loves gifts. This will boost their confidence and will help them become a better learner.    

These  fun loving activities are so fun to perform and it’s biggest advantage is that the children  will not only have fun but they will also learn these fun and fruitful activities should be definitely given a try for kids to learn better.  

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