Do crocodiles really cry?



  • Crocodiles belong to the kingdom Animalia and phylum Chordata.
  • Crocodile comes under class Reptilia and order Crocodilia.
  • Crocodiles are said to be semiaquatic animals found in the tropical area of Africa, Asia, America and Australia. Semiaquatic animals are those animals who are known to live a part of their life in water.
  • Crocodiles are found to be carnivorous type of animal mostly depending upon vertebrates such as fish, birds and some invertebrates such as mollusks.
  • The characteristic feature of crocodile can be said as a streamlined body with webbed feet along with a palatal flap.
  • The size of the crocodile can vary depending upon its species, for an average, the size of crocodile can range from 1.5 meter to 7 meters in length.
  • Crocodiles are known to have a great speed for moving around in water as well as in land.
  • In record, the land speed of a specified species of crocodile is about 17 km/h.

Do Crocodiles really cry?

  • Crying is the ability of an organism best understood by the example of human being.
  • However, crocodiles do shed tear as compared to human being while crying.
  • But the shedding of tears is not basically a cry for crocodiles.
  • Because it is not a kind of action done as a response to any emotional action.
  • Instead, it is done to keep the eye clean and to lubricate the nictating membrane. Nictating membrane is the extra translucent eyelid found in few animals.
  • The tears shed by crocodile contains minerals and proteins in them.

Fun Facts:

  1. The average lifespan of crocodile is considered to be somewhere in between 35 and 75 years.
  2. In record, crocodiles are known to hold up their breath for more than one hour in water.
  3. Crocodiles are known to shed tears while eating their prey.

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  2. What are the major physical differences between crocodile and Alligator?
  3. What is the use of crocodile in human life?

True or False:

  1. Crocodiles belong to kingdom Retilia.
  2. Crocodiles are found in Antarctica.
  3. Crocodiles are said to live their whole life on land only.
  4. Crocodiles are said to carnivorous animal.
  5. All crocodiles are of same size irrespective of their species.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Crocodiles are known to have a ________.
    1. Streamlined body.
    2. Scaly body.
    3. Stripped body.
    4. None of the above.
  2. Crocodiles are said to be _________.
    1. Semiaquatic animal.
    2. Land animal.
    3. Aquatic animal.
    4. None of the above.
  3. Crocodile comes under the order of ________.
    1. Reptilia.
    2. Crocodilia.
    3. Squamata.
    4. None of the above.
  4. Crocodiles can ________.
    1. Shed a tear.
    2. Cry.
    3. Laugh.
    4. None of the above.
  5. The tears of crocodile consist of ______.
    1. Minerals.
    2. Protein.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.

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