How are fossils formed?

How are fossils formed

The first step in fossil formation is when an animal dies and is quickly buried by sediment, which protects its remains from scavengers and slows down decomposition.



1. What role does sediment play in the fossilization process?

A) Accelerates decomposition
B) Acts as a barrier against scavengers
C) Causes the bones to disintegrate
D) Increases the exposure to oxygen

2. What happens to the remains of an organism as it becomes a fossil?

A) They are crystallized
B) They decompose completely
C) They are replaced by minerals
D) They remain unchanged

3. Which environmental condition is least likely to contribute to the formation of fossils?

A) Wet, marshy areas
B) Dry, desert areas
C) Deep ocean beds
D) Rapid burial in sediment

4. What is not a form of fossilization?

A) Permineralization
B) Amber encapsulation
C) Freezing
D) Petrification


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