How do birds migrate?

How do birds migrate

Birds migrate by flying to different locations depending on the season. They may travel thousands of miles to find food, avoid harsh weather, or find a mate. Some birds migrate alone, while others travel in flocks for safety and support. Migration is an instinct for many bird species and helps them survive and thrive in different environments.



1. How do birds migrate?

A) By walking
B) By flying
C) By swimming
D) By burrowing


2. Why do birds migrate?

A) To find food
B) To avoid harsh weather
C) To find a mate
D) All of the above


3. Do all birds migrate?

A) Yes
B) No


4. How do birds know when to migrate?

A) They use a calendar
B) They follow other birds
C) They sense changes in daylight and temperature
D) They don’t know when to migrate


5. How do birds navigate during migration?

A) By using GPS
B) By following landmarks
C) By using the sun, stars, and Earth’s magnetic field
D) By asking for directions


6. Which of the following is not a reason birds migrate?

A) To find food
B) To build nests
C) To avoid predators
D) To find a mate


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