How do satellites stay in orbit?

How do satellites stay in orbit

The law of universal gravitation, formulated by Isaac Newton, states that every mass attracts every other mass in the universe with a force that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. This principle is fundamental in keeping satellites in orbit around Earth.



1. What is needed for a satellite to stay in a stable orbit?

A) Constant speed
B) Constant acceleration
C) A balance between gravitational pull and its inertia
D) Continuous propulsion


2. Which type of orbit allows a satellite to stay over the same point on the Earth’s surface?

A) Polar orbit
B) Geostationary orbit
C) Low Earth orbit
D) Medium Earth orbit


3. How do changes in altitude affect a satellite’s orbital speed?

A) Higher altitude increases speed
B) Higher altitude decreases speed
C) Altitude does not affect speed
D) Speed increases then decreases with altitude


4. What is the primary reason satellites eventually fall out of orbit?

A) Running out of fuel
B) Solar wind
C) Atmospheric drag
D) Collisions with space debris


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