How does fracking work?

Fracking kills, and it doesn’t just kills us, it kills the land, nature and, eventually, the whole world.


What is this?

A technology called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, since the 1940’s extracts the natural gas. I.e. It simply describes the recuperation of natural gas from deep layers inside the earth. This method was quite a boom and conventional natural gas sources in America and European continents are exhausted making the natural gas and supplementary fuels expensive, but attractive and profitable.

The Working Process

In this method, the permeable rock  is fractured by the use of water, sand and chemicals in order to emit the enclosed natural gas. it consumes lot of energy, and the drill holes are quickly worn out which makes us to drill fracking holes frequently.

  1. Primarily, a shaft is drilled several hundred meters down the earth
  2. Following which a horizontal hole is drilled into the gas bearing layer of the rock,
  3. Then fracking fluid is injected into the ground using pumps, on a standard this fluid contains 7.5 litres of water plus sand and 150,000 litres of chemical approximately.
  4. All this mixture is pierced into the rocks which develops copious tiny cracks, and here the sands helps the cracks from closing again.
  5. Next, most of the fracking fluid is pumped out, and now the natural gas can be recuperated.
  6. The drill hole is ceased as soon as the gas source is worn out.
  7. As the rule, the fracking liquid is injected back into the underground layers and ceased.

Hazardous? Yes, but how?

Conventionally, fracking is associated with ample risks like

  • Contamination of drinking water sources which cannot be scoured in treatment plan.
  • Chemicals of fracking are toxic and carcinogenic such as benzol or formic acid
  • Emission of greenhouse gases

Natural gases are less deleterious, but the negative effects of fracking on the climate balance are enormous. But when properly employed, this technique cater’s a way in a for meeting the demands of low-cost energy, whereas the long term consequences of fracking are uncertain.

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