Is there life on Mars?


What is Mars?

  • Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.
  • It is the second smallest planet, in terms of size, in our solar system, after Mercury.
  • Mars is sometimes also referred to as the Red Planet.

Is there life on Mars?

  • No, till now there is only one planet in our solar system capable of supporting human life and that is planet earth.
  • Earth is the only planet capable of supporting living organisms.
  • The evidence for life on Mars is still being collected.
  • According to scientists, Mars might have liquid water, just like Earth, causing the scientists to think about the possibility of the existence of life on Mars either in the past or if possible, in the future.
  • Mars also has a warm temperature that may be able to support human beings and other living organisms of our ecosystem. For life to exist, water and a warm environment are the two important factors.
  • Several important elements are also found on Mars causing scientists to have more and more interest in exploring the possibility of life on Mars.
  • However, along with the possibility of life on Mars, there are many doubts. For example, Mars has just about 38% of gravity as compared to Earth.
  • On Earth, humans can survive and even thrive in almost all places. However, the same thing can not be said for Mars.
  • Along with the possibilities and doubts, there are still some factors that need to be researched on Mars for us to have a proper answer.
  • A robot named as curiosity has been sent to Mars to study about it in detail.
  • It is a car-sized Mars rover used for the purpose of collecting samples and data which can then be analysed by scientists to assess the probability of human survival on Mars.

Fun Facts:

  1. Mars has two moons named “Phobos” and “Deimos”.
  2. Mars is given its name after the Roman God Of War.
  3. A day on Mars lasts for 24 hours and 37 minutes.

Additional Questions:

  1. Describe in detail the Earth.
  2. What is the Curiosity spacecraft?
  3. Explain in detail the environment on Mars

True or False:

  1. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun.
  2. Mars had existing life within it.
  3. Mars is referred to as the orange planet.
  4. Mars is the second biggest planet in size in our solar system.
  5. Curiosity is the name of the moon of Mars.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Mars is sometimes also called the ______.
    1. Red Planet.
    2. Green Planet.
    3. Yellow Planet.
    4. Blue Planet.
  2. Mars is _______ from sun.
    1. First planet.
    2. Second planet.
    3. Third planet.
    4. Fourth planet.
  3. Mars had the existence of ________ in the past.
    1. Liquid Water.
    2. Frozen Water.
    3. Liquid Oxygen.
    4. Frozen Oxygen.
  4. ________ is the only planet capable of having the existence of life in our solar system.
    1. Earth.
    2. Venus.
    3. Mercury.
    4. Uranium.
  5. _________ is the name of the spacecraft sent to Mars for collecting data.
    1. Curiosity.
    2. Researcher.
    3. Searcher.
    4. None of the above.

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