Language Skills

Through this article, you will learn about the basic language skills one must acquire in their behavior! They are as basic as the necessities of life! You will find a book of flashcards on each of the language skills with a description to define the skill! These flashcards are free printables as well so you can print them out and have a learning time anywhere and anytime you want! They are handy so you can keep them with you! You can also have a little quiz time through these eye-catching flashcards which will attract everyone!


Learn About The Language Skills

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Writing - Language Skills

You should be able to address a variety of topics with significant precision and detail.

You should be able to write competently about topics relating to particular interests and write clearly about special fields of competence.

You should be able to organize writings with a sense of theoretical structure.


Speaking - Language Skills

You should be understood without difficulty by natives, and converse in a clean and participatory fashion.

You should be able to initiate, sustain, and bring closure to a wide variety of communicative tasks.

You should be able to narrate and describe concrete and abstract topics using sustained connected discourse.


Reading - Language Skills

You should easily follow the essential points of written text.

You should be able to understand parts of texts that are conceptually abstract and linguistically complex.


Listening - Language Skills

You should understand the main ideas of most speech in a standard dialect.

You should demonstrate an emerging awareness of culturally implied meanings beyond the surface meanings of the text.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness - Language Skills

Someone’s cultural awareness is their understanding of the differences between themselves and people from other countries or other backgrounds, especially differences in attitudes and values, … programs to promote diversity and cultural awareness within the industry.

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