WH Questions in English

Get the knowledge of using the question words correctly by these questions! You will also be guided on where to use the question words and when a question word is put, what it asks about! This article has some flashcards on the question words to help you understand them easily through the WH questions! The best part is, they are free printables, so you can even print them out and have a learning time anytime anywhere! Also, these WH question cards have a unique and eye-catching design to attract the kiddos to learn through them willingly!


Some English WH Questions

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When - WH Questions In English

When – Time

  • When do you wake up every day?
  • When do you intend to move here?
  • When did you finish school?


Where - WH Questions In English

Where – Place

  • Where do you live? In London.
  • Where did you lose your bracelet?
  • Where can I see you again?


Whose - WH Questions In English

Whose – Possession

  • Whose book did you bring me?
  • Whose birthday is today?
  • Whose bicycle did you borrow? I borrowed Michael’s bicycle.


Who - WH Questions In English

Who – Person

  • Who is that? That’s George.
  • Who wants to be the leader?
  • Who knows the answers to these questions?


Why - WH Questions In English

Why – Reason

  • Why didn’t you tell me you could not come today?
  • Why are you calling me every day?
  • Why don’t we meet more often anymore?

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