What causes headaches?

Good day reader!

Now we do work from home(WFH) however, the workload is on the head. 

Handling the office work along with the other responsibilities is too much hectic. So in the long run what would be the result?

I got a headache!!

A headache is common but can not be tolerated and ignore. Let’s see what is it truly and the reasons behind it in brief.


What Is a Headache?

It is a pain of head. It raises spontaneously or due to a load of a longer period. Headache affects your body as well as your work. You can not concentrate on anything until you get relief from it. It is curable with a lot of changes in lifestyle and working method.

Headache has different types.

Primary Headache

It is a result of an underlying process in the brain.90% headache is primary.

                                Primary  Headache



       Tension             Migraine             Cluster


  • Tension Headache:

This type of headache occurs commonly in women over age 20. Sometimes you feel tight and it happens due to tightening in muscles in neck and scalp.

  • Migraine Headache:

It occurs at the one side of your heiad.  Chronic migraines, which occur 15 days or month.Migraines present with pulsing head pain, nausea, phonophobia etc.

  • Cluster Headache

It generally affects the men who are in the range between 20 to 40. It may occur every day or in a week. Symptoms like runny nose, red eyes and forth more.

Secondary Headache

It may happen when there is severe pain in the neck or head. These are some reasons namely bleeding inside the brain, brain tumour, increased the pressure in the eyeball, temporal arthritis etc.

Cranial Headache

Cranial neuralgias mean pain in nerves. It is a set of 12 nerves that arise directly from the brain. Other nerves control his muscles. Some cranial nerves are connected to the internal organs.

Move further towards the causes of headaches:


It includes the balance of life. Day by day lifestyle is converting tremendously. According, you need to handle life. You are giving too much attention to unnecessary chatting and wasting the necessary time on the mobiles, laptops or watching TV overnight. Due to happening continuously, you are lacking sleep, load on the eyes and body parts.


Food is a lifeline. If you skip your meal or not having on time, it leads to headache. Glucose level gets fall and headache can raise. High sugar food is also not good. Food allergies are the reason for migraine headache too.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is the reason for cluster and migraine headache. Drink within the night can affect your subsequent morning and unfortunately the whole day. You need to take something which can decrease the effect of alcohol consumption, Despite this don’t drink, alcohol is not good for health.


Stress is not a life. When you are under pressure, pain in muscles, shoulders gets started. It is a symptom of tension headache.

Many more…..


Did you get the idea? Headache has several influences on our body especially, our brain goes through different kinds of situations in a day. The best way is to avoid the ache of the head by taking care of yourself.

“Headache is excessive as well as mild too”!!

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