What causes Insomnia?

Our body needs rest in the form of sleep. But everybody is not gifted to sleep peacefully.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the widely known sleeping disorder in which a person finds difficulty in falling asleep. There is no proven particular reason for sleeplessness. It is purely based on an individual and his problems.  It can be short termed or long termed. The long term sleeping disorder is much problem causing than the short termed.

What happens in an insomniac?

Insomniacs are really stressed peopled especially during bed time. Their brain hijacks the stress response system making them difficult to cope with the chemicals in the body. The hormones like cortisol and adrenocorticotropic are released into the blood stream which initiates an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure and even making them hyperarousal. However, the rest is compromised when the insomniacs finally sleep.

Cerebral glucose serves as the primary source of energy of our brain. Clinical tests show that the hormone adrenaline which prevents the sleep for insomniacs is also the reason for speeding up their metabolism. Eventually, their bodies work over time during sleep which use up all the cerebral glucose and causes them to be in the state of exhaustion during daytime.

Chronic insomnia affects a person when the above mentioned process repeats for several months which could be fatal too. Depression and anxiety are other two conditions which are connected to insomnia and hence there is a high chance that an insomniac could also suffer from either of the two or both.


The cycle of sleeplessness could be broken by managing the stress that leads to hyperarousal. Another effective method of treatment is none another than a good sleeping habit. The conditions of the bedroom should be suitable for having a good sleep and this would aid in minimizing the threats during hyperarousal. Practices like reading, meditating and journaling would help in achieving a state of mind for a good sleep. Avoiding bright lights at night especially from phones or laptops would also help in falling asleep and maintain the circadian rhythm as it is sensitive to light.

Intaking sleeping pills could be addictive so try not to use them. Always remember to diagnose your condition because people with DSPD suffer from sleeplessness not due to stress. Maintaining a well balanced sleeping and waking time is essential for one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

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