What causes a tsunami?

What causes a tsunami

A tsunami is caused primarily by underwater earthquakes, but can also be triggered by volcanic eruptions, landslides, or meteorite impacts. When these events displace a large amount of water, it creates waves that travel across the ocean at high speeds, growing in height as they approach shallower coastal areas.



1. Which of the following can also trigger a tsunami?

A) A river overflowing
B) A hurricane
C) A landslide into the ocean
D) Lightning


2. How do tsunamis differ from regular ocean waves?

A) They are warmer
B) They travel faster and further
C) They are saltier
D) They are caused by the moon


3. What does the word “tsunami” mean in Japanese?

A) Giant wave
B) Water quake
C) Harbor wave
D) Ocean storm


4. What can help detect a tsunami early?

A) Weather balloons
B) Seismic activity monitors
C) Satellite images
D) Deep-ocean pressure sensors


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