What was it like to live in a castle?

Have you ever seen a castle in a videogame or in a movie? Living in a castle sounds like a dream come true and is probably the first fantasy all of us had as kids. But do you exactly know what a castle is? Well, let’s learn a little bit more about castles and their history today.

  • Castle is the private fort-like building of a lord or nobleman.
  • It is made with extreme perfection in order to defend the people living within against any sort of attack or danger.
  • The main purpose of a castle was defence and administrative work.


What is the basic structure of a castle?

  • The castles are the structural buildings or houses for the royals or lords of the medieval period, made by the order of the military, for security purposes.
  • Watch Tower- There used to be a long tower placed at the corner of the castle, mostly used to monitor the activities around the castle. This tower was helpful to keep a watch on any type of attackers and allowed the guards to warn the inhabitants of an incoming attack.
  • Secured Pathway- There was usually only one entrance to the castle thus making it very secure and safe. The area around the castle was filled with water so as to avoid any attacker from scaling the walls of the castle and invading.
  • Drawbridge At The Entrance- A heavy wooden drawbridge at the entrance used to allow only known and permissible persons into the castle by lowering the drawbridge. It can be taken up again when not in use, thereby preventing an attacker from entering, making the castle virtually impenetrable.
  • Living Room- The living room was the strongest and most secure part of the castle. It was known as solar. In this part of the castle, the lord used to live with his family under the utmost protection.
  • Big Grand Hall- There was a grand hall in every castle for hosting the townspeople as well as knights and soldiers, for huge gatherings and revelries.

Fun Facts:

  1. It is predicted that the average amount of time required to make a castle in the medieval period must have been 10 years.
  2. Nowadays, castles can be rented for a limited period for people to experience the Medieval lifestyle. These castles are however equipped with modern technology.
  3. The castle of sleeping beauty was actually inspired by a real castle named “Neuschwanstein Castle”.

Additional Questions:

  1. Explain the need to build a castle.
  2. What was Cinderella’s Castle inspired by?
  3. What are the advantages of having a castle?

True or False:

  1. Castles are not found in real life.
  2. Castles were made in the medieval period.
  3. Castles were made for commoners.
  4. Only one person can live in a castle.
  5. Castles were made to provide a high level of security and protection to its inhabitants.

Objective Quiz:

  1. Castles are a private fort like structure for _______.
    1. Lords.
    2. Queens.
    3. Soldiers.
    4. None of the above.
  2. The main objective of a castle was to ___________.
    1. To provide security
    2. And administrative work.
    3. Both 1) and 2)
    4. None of the above.
  3. Watch towers were useful in __________.
    1. Keeping a watch on the activities happening around the castle.
    2. Providing a sleeping place.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  4. Living rooms of the castle were also called ________.
    1. Solar.
    2. Watch Tower.
    3. Both 1) and 2).
    4. None of the above.
  5. There is a __________ at the entrance of every castle, which can be pulled up when not in use.
    1. Drawbridge.
    2. Door.
    3. Lift.
    4. None of the above.

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