Why do some animals have fur and others have feathers?

Why do some animals have fur and others have feathers

Animals have fur or feathers based on their evolutionary history and the environments they live in. Fur provides insulation, helping animals maintain their body temperature in colder climates, while feathers, found in birds, are crucial for flight, insulation, and sometimes waterproofing. Both fur and feathers also play roles in camouflage, signaling, and protection.



1. What is the main reason many animals have fur?

A) For decoration
B) To keep them warm
C) To make them swim faster
D) To help them see in the dark


2. Why do birds have feathers?

A) To make nests
B) For flying and insulation
C) To look bigger to predators
D) To attract human attention


3. How do scales benefit fish and reptiles?

A) By making them more intelligent
B) By providing camouflage
C) Scales make them waterproof
D) B and C are correct


4. What is a unique feature of mammal’s fur?

A) It can change colors to match the environment
B) It grows continuously
C) It can regenerate if it gets damaged
D) It can detect changes in temperature

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