How do hard drives work?

We are running with technology and walking on the progressive path. Education and office work is online now due to corona. The computer helps us a lot. We work using computers, save the files, everyday work on different stored or fresh data.

Have you felt curious to understand how these things are done on the computer? We don’t notice it. Alike human being, the computer has several parts too. The hard drive is one which performs the vital function. Let know more about the hard drive and how does it work?


Hard Drive:

The hard drive also named as Hard Disk Drive or HD. It is installed internally in a computer and attached directly to the disk controller of the motherboard. It is a non-volatile data storage device.

What is non-volatile?

Retain data without electrical power.No data would lose if the computer is off.

What is the capacity of a hard drive?

Hard drive capacity measured in gigabytes and terabytes both.

How Do Hard Drives Work?

  • It is a large, shiny plus circular plate of magnetic material called a platter.
  • Data is written on this platter.
  • Data is written on these platters with a magnetic head. It moves fast as over them as they spin.
  • There are two read-write heads. One to read top and others to read the bottom surface.
  • Each one of the tiny areas of the platter to magnetized (I.e.1)  and demagnetized (I.e.0).
  • It means, data is stored in the form of binary 0 and 1.
  • This magnetism help to store the information even power off.
  • If you magnetized hard disk, it stays magnetized until you are demagnetized.
  • This is how computerizes information stored in computer hard drive.

A hard drive stores document, pictures, videos, different applications, music, files etc. Also, the hard drive stores the software.

The hard drive is important for installing operating systems.


In short, hard drive plays the main responsibility. Without the hard drive, the device is of no use.

The human brain is great too. But, just think the hard drive remember several files like a brain.

Hard drive is a brain”!!!!

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