Basic Grammar Rules

Grammar is the basis of English, and it is necessary to understand and learn the basics of basic, basic grammar rules! These rules are the ones you are taught just after you learn the alphabet and word forming! Hence, this article is just right for grade 1 kiddos!

In this article, you will be provided with a fun and eye-catching book of flashcards including the basic grammar rules for your English subject and communication! These flashcards are free printables so you can print them out as well to have fun learning time anytime anywhere! Kids love to peek into the books with images and design and with that kept in mind, we have designed them!

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Grammar Rules For Basic English

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Basic Grammar Rules - 1

I -> Do

He/She/It -> Does

We/You/They -> Do

Basic Grammar Rules - 2

I -> Have

He/She/It -> Has

We/You/They -> Have

Basic Grammar Rules - 3

I -> am

He/She/It -> is

We/You/They -> are

Basic Grammar Rules - 4

I -> was

He/She/It -> was

We/You/They -> were

Basic Grammar Rules - 5

I -> shall or will

He/She/It -> will

We/You/They -> will

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