Conjunctions in English

Conjunctions in English

Conjunctions are a vital part of the English language. They are words used to connect phrases, clauses, and words together in a sentence. Conjunctions can be used to combine phrases, add more information to a sentence, or make a point. In this article, we will look at the various types of conjunctions and their uses in the English language.

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As A Result

As A Result - Conjunctions in English

because of something

eg.Profits have declined as a result of the recent recession.


Hence - Conjunctions in English

that is the reason or explanation for

eg. – His mother was Italian, hence his name- Luca.


Henceforth - Conjunctions in English

Starting from this time

eg. – They will henceforth be referred to as alphabet and not Google.


So - Conjunctions in English

used at the beginning of a sentence to connect it with something that has been said or has happened previously

eg.So, I had to take the train instead of the plane.


Therefore - Conjunctions in English

for that reason; consequently.

eg.He was seriously injured and therefore he couldn’t play.

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