Advanced English Vocabulary

Advanced English vocabulary is a collection of words and phrases that are used in everyday conversations and writing. This vocabulary is essential for anyone who wishes to speak and write English fluently. By learning and using these words, you will be able to communicate effectively and impress native English speakers.

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Learn Advanced English Vocabulary For Kids

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Agitated - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: Very worried or upset

  • She seemed agitated about something.
  • There’s no point in getting agitated.


Assertive - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: The one who behaves confidently and is never frightened to say what they want or believe

  • if you really want the promotion, you’ll have to be assertive.
  • He is too assertive as a salesman.


Bursting - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: The act of forcefully and suddenly breaking, or bursting open due to pressure

  • I was bursting after drinking very much.
  • Get out of the toilet, I’m bursting.


Corpulent - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning:  If you describe someone as corpulent, you mean they are fat

  • This is a story about a corpulent gentleman.
  • A corpulent farmer is very hard-working.


Crafty - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: A clever or cunning person but dishonest as well.

  • Beware of her, She is a crafty old woman.
  • Mr. Ammar is a crafty lawyer, isn’t he?


Disposable - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: A product is purchased with the intention of throwing it away after use.

  • I purchased some disposable cups for the picnic.
  • Don’t you have disposable plates to serve?


Distinctive - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: Unique/different from others

  • She’s got a very distinctive voice.
  • Rehman biryani has a distinctive taste.


Equivocate - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning:  To intensionally speak in a way that is unclear and confusing, especially to hide the truth

  • Stop equivocating! express yourself clearly.
  • He asked her once again about that matter and again she equivocated.


Gallant - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: Brave and heroic

  • A gallant child sacrificed his life for his country.
  • I made a gallant effort to win the first medal.


Hendepecked - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning:  A person with spots on their skin.

  • Amy has spotty skin.
  • It’s okay, to have spotty skin.

Pertaining To

Pertaining To - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning:  Related/ belonging to

  • Write a topic pertaining to the importance of hard work.
  • There were problems pertaining to the education sector.

Pick One’s Nose

Pick One's Nose - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: Remove the boogers with a finger.

  • I will not talk to you, if you pick your nose again, bad boy!
  • Why does he always pick his nose? he should kick his bad habit.


Prettify - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: To make something or something pretty.

  • The bride’s room has been prettified.
  • Prettify your body with this shalwar-kameez.


Retaliate - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: To hurt or do something harmful to someone because they have done or said something harmful to you.

  • He retaliated because you had insulted him before.
  • Pakistan’s military responded by saying, it would retaliate against any attacks.


Salty - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: Bad-tempered and aggressive

  • She was salty because she had lost the game.
  • Why are you being salty?


Surly - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: Bad-tempered and unfriendly

  • We were served by a very surly waiter.
  • Aamir gave me a surly look.


Taciturn - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: A taciturn person does not speak very much and remains quiet.

  • He does not talk to anybody, He is a taciturn person.
  • Your all siblings are talkative but why is Faizan a taciturn one?

Tear- Jerker

Tear- Jerker - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: A filmed play, a book that makes you cry.

  • Bring a pile of tissues with you when you watch that tear-jerker film.
  • I’ve never read such tear-jerker books.


Throttle - Advanced English vocabulary

Meaning: To press someone’s throat so that the person can’t breathe.

  • The attacker tried to throttle her with wire.
  • The dying person must have been throttled.

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