English Speaking Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid Making

Common Mistakes in English-3

There are so many blunders you make in your English, some of them even are those you think are correct but in reality are wrong! To know them, we have brought you this article including some common mistakes you make in your English including in sentences and the corrected sentence as well! Through these, you will able to find out where you make the mistake and how it is to be corrected! These are some designer flashcards that you can print out as well to have a learning time anytime anywhere! You can also have a quiz through these flashcards to have a learning time including fun! See who scores the best!

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Improve Common Mistakes in English

Common Mistakes in English-1

Wrong: Everybody were right.

Right: Everybody was right.

Common Mistakes in English-2

Wrong: I look forward to see you.

Right: I look forward to seeing you.

Common Mistakes in English-3

Wrong: He never listens me.

Right: He never listens to me.

Common Mistakes in English-4

Wrong: If I’ll have time, I’ll go home

Right: If I have time, I’ll go home.

Common Mistakes in English-5

Wrong: I’ll promise I’ll pay you tomorrow.

Right: I promise I’ll pay you tomorrow.

Common Mistakes in English-6

Wrong: She likes very much drawing.

Right: She very much likes drawing/She likes drawing very much

Common Mistakes in English-7

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