Common Antonyms

An antonym is the exact opposite meaning of a particular word and remembering the exact opposite can be difficult as a word has a number of synonyms. Well, the vocabulary develops with time and for the very start of it, we have brought you these common antonyms for the kiddos to learn and add them to their vocabulary! This article has a book of flashcards on common and easy antonyms that are used the most in daily life! The flashcards have an attractive design on them so that it will attract the kids to look through them and have a fun learning time! These are free so you can print them out as well!


Easy To Remember Common Antonyms

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Common Antonyms - Book Cover

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Addition – Subtraction

Addition - Subtraction - Common Antonyms

Balance – Imbalance

Balance - Imbalance - Common Antonyms

Big – Small

Big - Small - Common Antonyms

Calm – Excited

Calm - Excited - Common Antonyms

Child – Adult

Child - Adult - Common Antonyms

Come – Go

Come - Go - Common Antonyms

Construction – Destruction

Construction - Destruction - Common Antonyms

Delicious – Awful

Delicious - Awful - Common Antonyms

Dry – Wet

Dry - Wet - Common Antonyms

Fat – Skinny

Fat - Skinny - Common Antonyms

Friendly – Hostile

Friendly Hostile-Common Antonyms

Full – Empty

Full - Empty - Common Antonyms

Funny – Serious

Funny - Serious - Common Antonyms

Hard Working – Lazy

Hard Working - Lazy - Common Antonyms

Human – Animal

Human - Animal - Common Antonyms

Kick – Punch

Kick - Punch - Common Antonyms

Lead – Follow

Lead - Follow - Common Antonyms

Loose – Tight

Loose - Tight - Common Antonyms

Low – High

Low - High - Common Antonyms

Marry – Divorce

Marry - Divorce - Common Antonyms

Natural – Artificial

Natural - Artificial - Common Antonyms

Near – Far

Near - Far - Common Antonyms

Noise – Quiet

Noise - Quiet - common antonyms

Odd – Even

Odd-Even-Common Antonyms

Outside – Inside

Outside-inside-Common Antonyms

Sick – Healthy

Sick-Healthy-Common Antonyms

Simple – Complicated

Simple-Complicated-Common Antonyms

Straight Hair – Curly Hairs

Straight Hair-Curly Hairs-Common antonyms

Sweet – Bitter

Sweet-Bitter-Common Antonyms

Take Off – Land

Take Off -Land-Common Antonyms

Turn On – Turn Off

Turn On-Turn Off-Common Antonyms

Wealthy – Poor

Wealthy-Poor-Common Antonyms

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