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The class monitor has to maintain order. In the event of any mischief, the teacher will be held accountable. A class monitor or student has a variety of duties to fulfill. The class monitors need to make sure there isn’t any mischief going on in the classroom. The other students should be quiet, and if they want to talk, the monitors should take stern measures to stop them. They need to warn the pupils or tell the teacher right away. The task of a class monitor is to distribute the messages that the teacher has given to the other students. These messages could be about a crucial exam, a difficult assignment, or just some general information.

The name of my school is St. Florence School. On the day of independence, students are typically elected to various leadership positions. In addition to practicing the march past, there was performance preparation going on in school. Five students from each class above grade 6 were nominated for a particular position, such as class monitor or house leader of the Charles, Levens, or Adrien houses.

We were finally informed about the nominated pupils before the Day of Independence program. My classmate Riya from section A in my class, grade 6, was also nominated.

She had always desired to lead the Livens Group as house captain. But the nomination also depends on the class students’ reported vote totals.
Finally, we all met on the day of freedom. We were all assembled in our classes.

Ma’am handed every one of us a piece of paper on which we were to cast our votes for the candidates for house caption and class monitor.

Consequently, after the vote was complete, we were requested to take a seat in the playground where the day’s programming was being concluded.
Due to her desire to serve as the house caption, my buddy Riya was nervous. She might, however, be elected as the class monitor because of her strong academic record.

She was well aware of the difficulty of the role of class monitor. Responsibility and punctuality are required of you. But Ria possessed every one of those qualities. However, our principal arrived and began introducing each house head one by one following the hour-long event.

As the class monitor was finally announced, we heard that Ms. Riya had been chosen for Grade 6 Section 1.

So, Riya served as our class monitor when we were in sixth grade. She never failed to complete her duties, even if she didn’t want to. In the teacher’s absence, she maintained class silence.
She also reminds the class of their assignments and tests.
She had never shown partiality in the class although I was her friend.
When she addressed everyone equally, I realized she possessed the qualities of a great leader.

She was a truly liked and supportive leader rather than a dominating one.
She was recognized as the best leader and student after the semester for her commitment to her work and punctuality.
We were all proud of her and delighted to see her elected in the next session.

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