Grammar Verbs Worksheets for Kids

A crucial step in learning to read and write in English is learning the various components that make up a cohesive sentence. Today we are gonna focus on verbs. Now, what is a verb? A verb is a word that is used to describe any action in a sentence. Verbs give nouns action. The verb usually describes an activity performed by the subject of the sentence. Let’s take this statement for example: Devi threw the ball into the basket.

Now, read the sentence carefully. We know that Devis is a noun and so is ball and basket. So, which term here describes an activity? Yes, that’s right, “threw” describes an activity or action and hence the verb in this sentence is “threw”.

Verbs Practice Worksheets

Now, in order to get a better understanding of verbs and when and how to use them, let’s practice these fun and intriguing worksheets!

The task here is to identify the action depicted by each image and write the appropriate verb in the space provided beside it.

Grammar Verbs Worksheets for Kids

Learning verbs or actions words is not easy and may not come instinctively to young learners. That is why practicing is so important. Through these worksheets, children will be able to visualize and learn new words.

Grammar Verbs Worksheets for Kids

Each and every picture in this worksheet may convey something different to each child. This is to say, that there is no single right answer to these pictures. S, as long as the children correctly use a verb to describe each picture and understand the concept, it is perfectly okay.

Grammar Verbs Worksheets for Kids

This activity will help children learn new verbs and understand their usage. When they move on to reading texts, it will that much easier for them to understand.

Grammar Verbs Worksheets for Kids

An important step in learning to speak and converse fluently in English so to understand the basics of sentence structures. Learning verbs is therefore integral to this endeavor.

Grammar Verbs Worksheets for Kids

Worksheets are a great way for children to learn new concepts without feeling bored or intimated by hefty textbooks with page after page of nothing but texts. Colorful pictures ease children and also help them visualize what they’re learning which is a tried and tested method for teaching young children.

So, what are you waiting for? Download, print and get started today!

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