How do spiders catch their prey?

How do spiders catch their prey

Spiders are known for spinning intricate webs that act as traps for their prey, allowing them to capture it efficiently.



1. How do spiders ensure their prey remains trapped in the web?

A) By yelling at them
B) By continuously chasing them
C) By spraying water
D) By wrapping them in silk


2. What role does a spider’s web play in catching its prey?

A) Decoration
B) A place to live
C) A trap for prey
D) A means of transportation


3. How do spiders detect that their prey is caught in the web?

A) By seeing them
B) Through vibrations
C) By smelling them
D) By guessing


4. What happens to the prey once it is caught in a spider’s web?

A) It is immediately released
B) It is invited for tea
C) It is wrapped in silk
D) It is asked to leave


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