Naming Numbers Worksheets for Grade 1

A key aspect of education is to be able to acquire the tools to express yourself to people around you. In order to verbally communicate, it is necessary to learn the alphabet and gradually move on to words and regularly work on improving your reading and speaking skills.

Children at a young age are like sponges – they soak up all the information provided to them. However, it is important to follow a specific order and curriculum in order to achieve the best results. Now, while learning mathematics it is important for children to know how to read and write the words corresponding to the numbers they are learning.

Here we have a set of worksheets to help your children learn and practice the words for the numbers from zero to hundred. So, let’s take a look at the activity.

Naming Numbers Worksheets


This is the first worksheet in this set. In each row, there are three numbers given and one word. The task is to identify and circle the number that corresponds to the given word.

The best way to solve these worksheets is to sound out the word and try to do the same for the numbers given. This will help children recall what they’ve learnt as well as do the task at hand with ease.


These worksheets have been divided by increasing the number by 10 in each worksheet. This will allow children to work on identifying the words they’ve already learnt and focus on learning the new ones for the bigger numbers.



Not every row has a number corresponding to the given word. So, make sure your child is focused while doing their task otherwise they might slip up and get their answers wrong.


As smaller numbers are commonly used in day to day activities in the classroom, children may be familiar with them. But the case is a little different for bigger numbers. These worksheets not only help children learn new words but also identify and understand the pattern in which numbers are expressed.


Assign your student a set of worksheets as classwork so that they feel motivated and determined to finish their tasks within the stipulated time limit.


Young children at the early stages of learning are still new to numbers and words and so this is unfamiliar territory to them. Make sure your child is in a positive and motivated mindset before starting their work so that they not only learn but enjoy themselves along the way as well.



The best way to teach children is to do it through fun and alternative activities that allow them to escape the bookish way of learning and enjoy themselves. These worksheets are the perfect solution – the work is divided into progressively more difficult sheets allowing children to push themselves further with every step. The worksheet system is far less intimidating to children than a fat book with endless exercises – it is thus a way to make learning approachable for them. Once the fear and pressure are taken away, they can learn with intrigue and joy.

So, look no further! Download and print your favourite worksheets from KidPid and get started today!

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