Produce and Expand Sentences Printable Worksheets for Grade 2

The English language possesses an unique set of grammatical rules that are enough to confuse even an adult with an advanced degree. To make sure the same doesn’t happen to your child, you need to familiarize and make them comfortable with the language from a young age. And there is no better way to do that than by using fun and printable worksheets such as the ones given below.


Producing & Expanding Sentence Practice Worksheet

1. Starting out with Production and Expansion of Sentences.

This worksheet is to help your child start out on a journey of understanding a basic concept of grammar, namely the construction and expansion of sentences. There is an explanation given in the very beginning that will help you and your child start out.

2. Production and Expansion of Sentences using hints given in brackets.

This worksheet is a continuation of the first one and helps the child become more familiar with the chapter and loosen up a bit to the concept. They will continue to need your help and may ask a lot of questions at this point. It is important to answer those quarries thoroughly and without getting salty about it. Remember that they are only just learning a very novel concept.

3. Brushing up the Production and Expansion of Sentences.

These questions aren’t meant to be too difficult so as to not scare away the child. But after repeating the application of a concept for so many times, the child may becomes bored and try to pull away. The pictures shall come in handy to extend their attention span and also help them relate more to the material.

4. Trying to Perfect the Production and Expansion of Sentences.

By the time your child reaches this worksheet, it is important o remind yourself that what may seem like easily guessable answers to an adult, are actually hard puzzles to solve for a young mind. So you must let your child take their time, have patience with them and have faith in their abilities.

5. Rearranging Sentences.

This worksheet will help your child start out with Rearranging of sentences. The example will give them a basic idea about what is expected of them while solving the questions that follow. Rearranging sentences are a new kind of exercise and thus, your kid may take a bit long to get accustomed to it.

6. Proper Sentence Construction.

Rearranging sentences require a lot of mental focus and a long attention span.  But at the same time they are quite an interesting brain exercise which will keep your toddler busy in understanding the intricacies of grammar. You need to help them out if they get stuck at one question for a long time so that their confidence remains high and they remain eager to learn.

7. Completion of Sentences

As the child solves more and more worksheets, you need to keep in mind that the objective is not for them to get each and every answer right at their first try but for them to grasp the concept well. Exams will seldom have exact questions that your child has seen before, so in the examination hall they will have to depend on their deep understanding of the concept to answer things correctly.

8. Learning the proper use of joining words.

Exercises such as the ones given in this worksheet can be tricky to figure out.  But with a little guidance and encouragement from your side, it can become quite a challenge that your child is eager to overcome instead of being a problem your child is pushing away.

9. Rearranging sentences using conjunctions.

The last worksheet should see an accumulation of the long practice that the worksheets before it provided. By this time the kid should be able to solve the questions with minimal help. But it is still important to be supportive and not get angry no matter how many questions they ask. Remember, in the early days such mistakes are a part of them learning and growing up.

The above worksheets will require your child to have advanced verbal comprehension, logical reasoning and problem solving skills. Having a certain degree of knowledge is one thing but transforming that knowledge into application is a different ball game. On the face of it, your child may know everything about all forms of speech but these worksheets are designed to put that knowledge to test. These will help you understand how advanced your child’s understanding of English is – not just as a subject but also as a language

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